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wireless rural internet


Wireless internet is an excellent alternative to traditional landbased and 4G services. 

  • • Cost-Saving Pre Pay options for Holiday Homes and Short Term Rentals

  • • Pre-Pay data does not expire

  • • High Speed (around 20Mbps), Stable internet at Residential, Rural and Remote locations

  • • Monthly Plans available 

  • • Daily Data usage limits can be applied for AirBnB  


Pre-Pay Data Pricing

Prepay 1GB $5 Recommended for light emails, light use of social media
2GB $7  Recommended for Skype video calls
5GB $15 Good for social media use / light video streaming (1GB = $5)
20GB $50 Good for internet browsing and occasional video streaming (1GB = $2.5)
50GB $100 Recommended as a monthly solution for light users (1GB = $2)
120GB $180 Recommended for heavier users & streaming media (1GB = 1.67)

Top up Your Account instantly with a credit card, or pay via bank transfer (allow 2-3 working days for bank transfer credit to apply). 


Monthly Plan Pricing

Monthly Plan



$100  The best solution for medium users on a regular basis      




Recommended solution for heavier users, when there are more people at home or for those who like to stream 




Solution for heavy users, who like to stream and have to work from home                                                                                               




Recommended for those who don't want to worry about every gigabyte used

Unused data from the Monthly Plans expire at the end of the month. New data is applied on the 1st of each month.


Installation Price

To become a D-Fi customer you need to have our equipment installed at your place or business. This involves installing on the outside a 15cm-40cm dish, pointing to one of our repeaters and Cat5e cabling all the way into a router placed inside (usually near where you will be using the Internet the most, ie lounge or office).


  • • Standard Plan Customer Installation cost is $195 (GST inc)*

  • • Low Data user Holiday Home Installation cost is $300 (GST inc)*

* Installation costs can vary based on differences between homes and hardware needed. Any additional costs will be discussed before proceeding. 

D-Fi owns all the equipment installed in a standard installation. The installation cost covers a fraction of this cost. Please see Terms and Conditions